Croydon Mazda

Mazda’s new ‘Drive Together’ campaign focuses on the unbreakable bond and connection between the car and driver. The Guardian argues that the Mazda6 ‘works hard to create a sense of oneness between the driver and car’.

Like all Mazda’s, it’ll ‘run like clockwork’ and ‘slash your fuel bills’ too. Far from being a boring ‘tedious mile muncher’, the Mazda6 ‘is a roomy and reliable family loader’

It offers exceptional front-drive handling with power deriving from either a ‘calm, responsive and indefatigable’ 2-litre petrol or 2.2 litre diesel.

The Guardian concludes that the Mazda6 has been designed in-line with Mazda’s SKYACTIV methodology. It’s ‘lighter, greener, smarter and a lot better looking’ than outgoing models. ‘It’s bristling with smart, life assuring safety aids all grouped under the brand’s new i-ACTIVESENSE control hub.

If this isn’t telling enough of how much the Guardian rate the Mazda6, they rave at how they have ‘rarely sat in a car that I’ve felt more instantly at one with’.

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