Croydon Mazda

97 years of progression and innovation have seen Mazda grow from strength to strength. Founded on the fundamentals of uniting Car and Driver as one, the Japanese manufacturer have brought their history to life in the form of their brand-new museum which has just opened in Augsburg, Germany.

The museum itself takes you on a journey through the decades, and all the while showcases some of the most iconic cars to grace the automotive industry. Mazda as a brand are synonymous with style and elegance and this has not been forgotten when looking back through their extensive line of groundbreaking and head-turning vehicles. These come in the form of the striking Mazda AZ-1, the sleek Mazda Cosmo and the timeless Mazda MX-5 to name a few.

This celebration of all things Mazda is a welcome addition which does a great job of not only showing us where the brand has been, but it also gives us a glimpse into where they are going.

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