Croydon Mazda

Mazda are a company that have always prided themselves as innovators in the automotive field. Their intuitive and seamless addition of new technologies to their vehicles has been welcomed with open arms by their faithful followers, but sometimes undervalued by others within the market. got behind the wheel to understand the extent and depths that Mazda have gone to to reach such groundbreaking feats.

‘Drive Together’. That is Mazda’s philosophy succinctly summarized in two words. But when you dive deeper, you see that the Japanese innovator live and breathe their mantra. This all stems from the belief that the car should be so much more than a tool, it should be an extension of your body - ‘you “drive together” as an entity rather than separate beings.’

This feeling of unity is supported by Mazda’s prodigious technologies which allow you to really feel and enjoy the drive.

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