Croydon Mazda

“The Mazda range delivers broad appeal whether company car drivers require a mile-munching job need vehicle or a perk car focused around lifestyle”

Wowing at this year’s 2016 Fleet Show, Mazda proudly exhibited “an award-winning range” to fleet executives nationwide; letting them get their hands on the all-new Mazda CX-3 and all-new Mazda MX-5 for the first time, as well as “fleet favourite[s]” such as the Mazda6.

Having tripled its “corporate sales in the past three years”, Mazda has cemented a strong reputation within the fleet industry, making it no surprise that the sharply designed, low emission models continue to impress leading experts in the field:

  • “It is very good value for money. The handling was faultless; the car was comfortable and with plenty of low down torque was very responsive. I was impressed.” (Ken Waites, director at Waites Engineering on the Mazda3)
  • “With emissions of just 99g/km it is very attractive from a company car tax viewpoint as well as not attracting road tax in 2016/17.” (Ken Waites)
  • “Mazda cars have a good name on our fleet, particularly for their reliability and a style and design that is different from the norm. Drivers start to see Mazdas in the company car park and it immediately prompts interest.” Tony Miller(Fleet co-ordinator at Bruker UK)
  • “The CX-3 performed very well. It is a good-looking car that has desirability and handled very well.” Colin Oliver (Fleet operations manager at PwC)

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