Croydon Mazda

“You bought it to look and feel like a Viking, and wham, you do.”

Excitement for the Mazda MX-5 doesn’t seem to be faltering any time soon, with yet another review this week praising the model’s stylish design and fun to drive performance. By nature, the allure of a Sportscars is its chic sophistication, and the Mazda MX-5 is no different, oozing charm from every smooth curve and epitomizing cool with a 10/10 rating.

  • “Things I hate about sports cars (the manufactured and unnecessary growling, the awkward getting in and out), I loved in this sports car – and not only because it is small. It has a dynamism that you ought to expect from its two-litre engine – a huge amount of horsepower for its size – but still surprises”
  • “You may be horrified to discover how much you enjoy yourself”
  • “Being so low-slung on the road makes you feel cunning and feline. However fast you’re going – really, right down to 17mph – you have the sense of outpacing everyone. The acceleration is magnificent, and there’s a different kind of fun at every speed”
  • “The traction is so grippy and the handling so sure that you become one with the road, though that doesn’t mean you share every bump and tribulation”

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