Croydon Mazda

“There’s something quite satisfying about seeing every generation of a particular car neatly lined up in age order. Particularly if - as is the case now - the family reunion involves one of the most well-loved and best selling sports cars of all time: the Mazda MX-5.”

Matt Robinson form Car Throttle takes a look at the four generations of MX-5 and samples each model in age order. The MK1, MK2, MK3 and finally the MK4 all receive glowing reviews whilst taking a trip down memory lane.

The MK1 starts off with great reviews, described as a “blank canvas. An affordable, rear-drive sports car template ready to be festooned with whichever mods you see fit.” Whilst the latest version of the MX-5 ending up as the pick of the bunch. “It’s the best to drive, and it’s amazing that Mazda has managed to pack it full of all the usual modern safety features and kit buyers expect while still keeping the weight figure absurdly low.”

“But going back to that day with all four generations, it’s important to note there was one very prominent theme: fun. Everyone who got behind the wheel of a Miata on our test spent their time grinning like an idiot, and it’s pleasing to see that over 27 years, four generations and one million cars sold, that sense of fun hasn’t been lost. Long may it continue.”

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