Croydon Mazda

“More accurate than a person could ever be”

This summer Mazda will be introducing its latest technology - the new G-Vectoring Control system (GVC); designed to create a smoother, more comfortable ride for drivers as they go round corners. The advanced system will automatically react to movements in the drivers’ steering through “limit[ing] the torque from the engine”, evening the weight of the car so subtly that it cannot be felt and “reducing the load on things like neck muscles”.

So how does it work?

  • “During a corner, the system will limit torque by up to 30Nm (most of the time it will be around 10Nm) to shift the load of the car to the front wheels to improve turn-in, allowing the load to move to the back as the driver accelerates away, thus improving stability.”
  • “Unlike torque vectoring, the GVC system increases grip rather than the amount of wheel rotation - but the key difference is that it can be fitted using only engine software and sensors”
  • "The vertical load on different corners of the car [will be optimised], in the same way that a racing driver would modulate their inputs on the throttle during cornering.”
  • “It works at all times, measuring steering wheel movements every five milliseconds – bringing benefits on both straight roads and during cornering.”

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