Croydon Mazda

Mazda’s new ‘Drive Together’ campaign will debut today, focussing on the unbreakable bond and connection between the car and driver. Mazda states that a car should feel ‘like an extension of you… like horse and rider working as one’. They use the Japanese phrase ‘Jinba Ittai’ to describe this harmonious relationship engineered into every Mazda.

Claire Andrews, Marketing Director at Mazda Motor UK, said: ‘As other brands limit the act of driving through technological changes, our role is to create cars that bring the driver and their car closer together’.

With this ethos in mind, Mazda’s ‘KODO: Soul of Motion design is a true reflection of Jinba Ittai’. Mazda’s designers therefore ‘work endlessly to create a design philosophy that embodies the dynamic beauty of life’.

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